Friday, September 18, 2009

Wylinn's Wish in the JDRF National Newsletter!

Recently all of the diligent work, planning and effort that has been going into raising funds for Wylinn's Wish was recognized by an editor for the JDRF National Walk e-newsletter, as a motivational and uplifting story worthy of sharing with other people and families affected by Type 1 Diabetes.

Joanne Thompson, works on a National committee to help with walks around the country as well as sharing people's stories through her editorials. She contacted Terry after hearing about the Wylinn's Wish bags and Terry's deep desire to help find a cure for Type 1 diabetes.

The story touches on the discovery of Wylinn's diabetes in April of 2008 and the measures taken by John and Stefani to start to gain control of the diabetes. It also talks about the beginning of Terry's mission to find a cure by raising $5000 and doing the Boston Walk to Cure Diabetes in October 2008; a mission that has now grown into a year long endeavor to continue to spread awareness as well as raise money to find that cure.

The story also mentioned Wylinn's discovery that Nick Jonas (of the Jonas Brothers band) also has Type 1 Diabetes and how that helped encourage her to cope with the daily routine of treatment that people with Type 1 endure. Perhaps one day Wylinn can tell Nick herself how much he unknowingly helped one of his fans while she was adjusting her lifestyle.

The editorial is just further proof that the energy, creativity and love that goes into all the work behind Wylinn's Wish is truly paying off in so many ways. The mission is to find a cure, and a cure will be found with the continued efforts and support from family and friends of Our Special Princess, Wylinn. Good things can happen when people join together in an effort to make what begins as just a wish... become a reality!

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