Sunday, June 13, 2010

Pictures & such of the October 2009 JDRF Walk

Last year the JDRF Walk was best suited for our web footed friends, but the weather didn't stop the faithful walkers committed to the cause of finding a cure for type 1 diabetes. Big and small, everyone set out on the 5K trek that left them waterlogged but also left them with a sense of accomplishment. This years walk is not too far away and donations and support are greatly appreciated. Puddles are "fun" but, let's pray for better weather this year!

A walk just isn't a walk without face paint!

Rain or shine the walking is fine... even if the sneakers we're a little squishy.

A bit wet, but all smiles!

Every PRINCESS deserves a prize!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Wylinn starts Kindergarten!!

Wylinn looks ready to head out for her first day in Kindergarten at St. Mary's School in Danvers. New adventures and friends await!

Of course every princess has a trusted personal escort to bring her to school.

Wylinn's smile is still as bright as ever... even without those 2 front teeth!
Hope the tooth fairy was generous.

A Quick Glimpse...

Pre-School Graduation

Wylinn is ticket master at the Latitude 43 Fiesta Event!

Ti Ti and Me

Wylinn is all smiles after a dip in the pool.
She wears her trendy new "tiara" with such style & grace!

Wylinn was a great help to Grandma "Glousta" when she was opening her presents at her birthday party. How old are you now...?

So sweet!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Wylinn's Wish in the JDRF National Newsletter!

Recently all of the diligent work, planning and effort that has been going into raising funds for Wylinn's Wish was recognized by an editor for the JDRF National Walk e-newsletter, as a motivational and uplifting story worthy of sharing with other people and families affected by Type 1 Diabetes.

Joanne Thompson, works on a National committee to help with walks around the country as well as sharing people's stories through her editorials. She contacted Terry after hearing about the Wylinn's Wish bags and Terry's deep desire to help find a cure for Type 1 diabetes.

The story touches on the discovery of Wylinn's diabetes in April of 2008 and the measures taken by John and Stefani to start to gain control of the diabetes. It also talks about the beginning of Terry's mission to find a cure by raising $5000 and doing the Boston Walk to Cure Diabetes in October 2008; a mission that has now grown into a year long endeavor to continue to spread awareness as well as raise money to find that cure.

The story also mentioned Wylinn's discovery that Nick Jonas (of the Jonas Brothers band) also has Type 1 Diabetes and how that helped encourage her to cope with the daily routine of treatment that people with Type 1 endure. Perhaps one day Wylinn can tell Nick herself how much he unknowingly helped one of his fans while she was adjusting her lifestyle.

The editorial is just further proof that the energy, creativity and love that goes into all the work behind Wylinn's Wish is truly paying off in so many ways. The mission is to find a cure, and a cure will be found with the continued efforts and support from family and friends of Our Special Princess, Wylinn. Good things can happen when people join together in an effort to make what begins as just a wish... become a reality!

Outdoor Fun in the Summer Sun

Endicott Park Day was a great success. We were able to sell many of our bags and stars, while getting the word out to people about Type 1 Diabetes. Wylinn had a great time and the weather was fantastic!

Wylinn enjoyed playing of course, but her specially prepared picnic lunch was worth stopping for... to get the energy she needed to KEEP ON PLAYING!!

Wylinn and some pals staying cool by the pool!

Hugs & Bubbles!!

1 cake for you.. 1 cake for me! Can you guess who the bigger one is for?

A little water and a lot of love... Our Princess just continues to grow up so fast!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Graduation and Recital

Wylinn gets her diploma for graduating from Pre-School. Now she's on to bigger and better things!

"Ti Ti" Ann Marie, gets Wylinn all dolled up for her dance recital...

Little Superstars!! Check out Wylinn (3rd from left) striking a pose!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Wylinn's 5th Birthday Party!!

Wylinn's birthday was May 6th and the family celebrated at Bugaboo Creek for dinner. To encourage her love for photography, I gave her a camera and accessories. Now she can officially begin her photography hobby. Here are some of her photos taken at the Butterfly Farm. Fantastic shots for a 5 year old!

On May 9th, Wylinn celebrated with her cousins and friends at the Endicott Park barn in Danvers. The weather was great for an outdoor party. The children enjoyed the activities outside with hula hoops (yes, they're still around from the 50's) and running under a huge parachute.

Next they ate birthday cake created by cousin Abigail who researched a recipe that was sugar free and fit into the country theme with bright flowers and bugs on the cake. Of course, John served ice cream sundaes. Each child got to create their own sundae with lots of toppings.

Samuel enjoyed the party too even though he is in a cast on his entire right leg due to a hairline fracture. Nothing was stopping him from enjoying the excitement of the festivities at Wylinn's birthday bash!

"grandma, I'm 5 now!"
Our Princess Wylinn is growing so fast... I'm amazed at her each day.