Sunday, May 17, 2009

Wylinn's 5th Birthday Party!!

Wylinn's birthday was May 6th and the family celebrated at Bugaboo Creek for dinner. To encourage her love for photography, I gave her a camera and accessories. Now she can officially begin her photography hobby. Here are some of her photos taken at the Butterfly Farm. Fantastic shots for a 5 year old!

On May 9th, Wylinn celebrated with her cousins and friends at the Endicott Park barn in Danvers. The weather was great for an outdoor party. The children enjoyed the activities outside with hula hoops (yes, they're still around from the 50's) and running under a huge parachute.

Next they ate birthday cake created by cousin Abigail who researched a recipe that was sugar free and fit into the country theme with bright flowers and bugs on the cake. Of course, John served ice cream sundaes. Each child got to create their own sundae with lots of toppings.

Samuel enjoyed the party too even though he is in a cast on his entire right leg due to a hairline fracture. Nothing was stopping him from enjoying the excitement of the festivities at Wylinn's birthday bash!

"grandma, I'm 5 now!"
Our Princess Wylinn is growing so fast... I'm amazed at her each day.

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