Sunday, May 3, 2009

Trip To Disney World

In January, Wylinn, Mom, Dad, Samuel and "Grandma Glousta" flew to Disney World for a week of fun, sun and of course Mickey Mouse.

Wylinn started the vacation having breakfast with Mickey, Minnie and Donald Duck. Naturally, she loved the Mickey Mouse waffles that were calculated into her carbohydrate diet allowance.

Next it was off to the rides! It's a Small World was a big hit with Wylinn who loved the dolls, while the boats and water ride was a favorite for Samuel. The Carousel with it's beautiful horses was another favorite on the trip.

Each day was a whirlwind getting to Disney World to eat our three meals and tour the park. With all of those miles of walking, Wylinn needed to closely monitor her blood sugar and carefully plan her meals and snacks. Wylinn loved all of the special attention she received from the restaurants. She was treated like a real princess. The Head Chefs would come out to the table to ask Wylinn what she wanted to eat and then created her own special meal. Two of her favorites were the side salads and sugar free brownies.

A memorable night for the family included dinner at Cinderella's Castle.

Wylinn is a little girl who loves glamour and fun. At Disney, she felt extra special after a trip to the hairdresser, a beautiful face painting and some good old fashion bargain shopping.

Our trip took us on a Disney Safari to the Animal Kingdom that Wylinn and Samuel loved! One of Wylinn's hobbies is taking pictures with Grandma's camera. Here's some of her shots of the flamingos and giraffes.

Safaris are really HOT so the family was happy to cool down at the hotel pool. Wylinn loves to swim and swimming in January is twice the fun if you get to do it in a new bathing suit! Even with all that exercise, Wylinn was still able to keep her diabetes stable thanks to the diligent attention of her parents.

Wylinn and Samuel really like Disney movies, so a trip to Hollywood Studios was our next destination. The children walked through movie and TV recording sets and got to meet the characters of Toy Story and Dora the Explorer. Being right next to so many of the Disney characters that she had watched in movies, put a big smile on Wylinn's face that lit up the room. The family favorites were Mary Poppins, Winnie the Pooh, and Alice in Wonderland. All of the Disney characters that we met autographed Wylinn's special juvenile diabetes backpack which she carries all of her diabetes supplies in.

Well that's the trip in a nutshell. I tried to give you a feel for how exciting and fun for the whole family our Disney trip was. I must be honest... I'm keeping the "mini-meltdowns," temper tantrums and the unexpected (usually in the most inconvenient places) diaper changes more private. Trust me... you wouldn't want to know the details!

Thank you for reading our first blog. I hope you can see how your support of Wylinn, her parents and me, her grandmother; helps us cope and focus on keeping life as normal as possible for our Special Princess.

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